Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To Be Perfectly Honest

To Be Perfectly Honest, by Phil Callaway

This book is hilarious! But, not only is it entertaining, it has depth. The book is a day by day, week by week, description of Phil Callaway’s attempt to tell the truth each day, and a journal about his experience.

As you read this book, you get to spend a year with Callaway as he deals with the worship music of his church, as he speaks at conferences, visits his mother suffering from dementia, deals with an angry friend, and scares his daughter's boyfriend…all while trying to be perfectly (and completely) honest

Each journal entry is short and funny, which make this book easy and fun to read. Along the way, I think you will be challenged with some of the characters Callaway interacts with and from his reflections as he wrestles with situations we all encounter.
Great book. I read it to my high school age children for our family worship and they loved it. Highly recommend.